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Take the lead in SERPs when you let Paseo’s local search engine optimization (SEO) do the work for you. Whether you have multiple branches or are doing business in a single locale, we can build a strategy that zones in on local trends so you can take over the local search results with ease.

Why Use Local SEO ?

Organic SEO

We’ll help you raise your discoverability and drive organic site traffic by creating a local SEO strategy relatable to your audience

On-Page SEO

We can hit all search engine criteria while also constructing unique localized SEO elements that set your page a cut above the rest

Building Links

Through our work, targeted exposure for your website is at reach as we link you up to some of the most authoritative domains that turn up in local search results

Work with The Best Local SEO Company

Trying to find your way through local SEO can be tricky, but the right materials and skills can take you right to the top of the search pages. With over 97% of customers going online to search for a local business, it’s worth trying to build your online visibility from the grassroots level—wherever your business is primarily located.

How do you get people to notice you?

Paseo’s local SEO services can pave the way for you to meet and connect with potential customers. Remember, almost 60% of companies around the world are on the web, and if you do nothing about it, you’re basically letting them steal your customers! Let’s work to fix your site’s search engine optimization and improve your local rankings so that buyers in the proximity can find you. 

Local SEO is like the road sign that points the right direction towards your brand. It works to increase your SERP rankings and drive traffic more traffic to your website via organic searches. Your local SEO strategy must involve building organic searches, or the clicks to your site link that aren’t through paid ads or pay-per-click method. 

As a local company, your business needs to gain a substantial following within  your location and build a loyal customer base. Ranking on the top page of search results is  crucial to secure your online  visibility and assure customers that you are a legit,  authoritative business offering the product or service you need.

Paseo is your local SEO specialist supplying the tools and expertise that will make you well-known in the locale with a few tweaks on your website’s SEO. Trust us; we know how to take you from the dump to the star of the first page.

Paseo Local SEO Services

If you have a local company, franchise, service-focused brand, or have a designated market area (DMA), localized SEO can be your ticket to more traffic, leads, and revenue. At Paseo, we live and breathe local search, and have built the path for many businesses to make the marketplace their turf.

Here are our offerings you can get when you call us to establish your local SEO:

  • Our local SEO specialist will audit your business information online and correct any wrong or outdated data as necessary.

  • To increase your local rankings, we will ensure that your business profiles in Google My Business, Yahoo, and Bing are optimized for the specific locale you are targeting.

  • If you’ve never explored FourSquare, Angie’s List, Yelp, or MojoPages, we’re here to introduce it to you. We’ll add you to these directories and find niche-specific lists so your business information can be accessed everywhere.

  • We will leverage authoritative third-party sites to list your business citation, or the company’s name and address as reference.

  • Did you know that 88% of buyers read online reviews before they make a purchasing decision from local services? We can include a tried and tested online reviews acquisition on your local SEO strategy to build trust with leads and customers. They’ll be wanting to write positive online feedback for you soon!

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