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Why use Paseo Consulting?

Paseo, as a comprehensive digital marketing agency, delivers a broad range of solutions to clients from various industries. Since 2014, we have played the role of digital marketing strategists and problem-solvers, rising to the call of leading clients on the road to online success. Our expertise includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Maps, Web Design, and Social Media. Let’s get started and let our work do the talking.

Our experts will bring out your best

When we collaborate with clients, we don’t just settle for the bare minimum. We like to go above and beyond to bring your online presence the real boost it needs so that you can take the top spot in rankings. When you hire Paseo, you also invest in your long-term success! Here’s how:

Our Clients Talk, We Listen

When you place your trust in Paseo, we become partners in growing your business. Your input is valuable to us, and we’ll build your strategy around it. When you have questions or need updates, we are always here to follow through.

No Contracts

Would you agree that contracts can be suffocating? With us, you’ll breathe easy knowing that you pay for results—nothing more, nothing less. We will not let you waste your time and money on subpar strategies because Paseo is all about the best.

We Value Integrity

If there’s one thing we pride our brand in, it is our integrity and dedication to our client’s needs and preferences. You will get tailored solutions for your marketing and SEO requirements. We’ll never offer or attempt to ‘sell’ you any service that does not belong to your strategy.

We Know SEO

When we say we know SEO, we are dead serious about it. We’re on top of our industry and employ best practices so that we can pull you up with us. With our creative genius (humbly speaking), we will carve the digital path that leads to your victory.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We deploy essential SEO techniques like keyword research and best white hat practices to create your strategy. Let us help you get your rankings to shoot up to the top of search engines!

Local SEO

Be the star of your community. Paseo optimizes your local online presence, so you stay relevant in your line of business within the area.

Google My Business Optimization

Are you in the GMB listing yet? If not, then let’s get that fixed ASAP! Using our GMB Optimization, we can help your brand reach more potential customers in a jiffy.

Social Media Marketing

With our Social Media management, we can connect your business to the rest of the world. We don’t only know online engagement—we deliver it.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Our strategies are versatile, making PPC another viable option for your growth. Paseo makes sure you get immediate results from the tailored PPC campaign for your business.

Web Design

Part of the secret to standing out in a sea of businesses is to create a website that defines and elevates you from better to best. Trust our expert designers to make it for you!

Our Digital Marketing Agency Knows Google SEO

We know that each day passing without a fully working digital marketing strategy is a day wasted in business. Time is essential because every day you don’t get customers, it could mean some other competitor has acquired them instead of you.

At Paseo Consulting, we don’t just sell you services and pray to God that it works. What we do is we follow a stringent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign process that involves knowing your business up to monthly reporting to keep your customized strategy current, relevant, and effective.

Website Analysis

When you decide that Paseo is the digital marketing company you’re looking for and fill out the contact form, we will immediately start with Website Analysis. The idea behind this crucial step is to get to know who you are and what you represent. We evaluate your website platform and web design, as well as analyze your traffic sources to gather data we can use for the next steps.

Client Digital Marketing Needs Analysis

We then move on to Client Digital Marketing Needs Analysis via a half-hour to 60-minute meeting with you through video conference or in-person. In this meeting, we will delve deeper into your goals and needs. We listen to you and take note of the points that will guide us towards crafting the campaign that suits your business. We will ask you to complete the Discovery Form that guides all decisions going forward with our partnership.

Internet Marketing Agency Plan of Action Presentation

Once we have thoroughly studied your case, our experts will introduce tailored solutions through the Internet Marketing Agency Plan of Action Presentation. In this step, we will show you concrete details, from service costs to a proposed Terms of Service, pending your approval. We aim to be transparent in everything before we get you on board.

Paseo also wants to emphasize our No Contract for a long-term partnership. Payment terms are month-to-month, ensuring that you only pay for the SEO services you avail per month. If you only agree to Social Media Management or Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, then you’ll be billed for that alone. We don’t believe in upselling our clients with unnecessary services. We nurture our relationships by delivering honest and reliable expertise that lasts.

Client Onboarding

When you agree to the Plan of Action unique to your business, you need to complete the Onboarding Form so that we can go ahead and do the daily grind for your campaign. It won’t take more than twenty minutes to fill out, but it will help us greatly in dusting out your existing strategies so you can start seeing real results right away.

Keyword Research

Now comes an integral part of any SEO campaign—Keyword Research. By using industry-leading tools and techniques for this essential step, our SEO specialists will deliver optimized keywords and alternatives that are guaranteed to improve your page rankings. What you get is a detailed report of the analysis, including metrics and markers that justify each keyword’s relevance. With our keyword research, search engine spiders will have an easier time scouting your website, which will catapult it to first-page results.

Why Google SEO?

There’s no arguing that Google has taken the world by storm as the leading search engine worldwide. According to StatCounter, Google’s market share from February 2019-February 2020 is a whopping 92.07%, which also indicates that targeting first-page results in Google is a top priority. Not only that—Google offers other tools that, if used right, can catapult you right to the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We offer Google My Business Optimization (GMB) and Local SEO as some of the services under this method.

Paseo’s Google SEO focuses its efforts on making sure that your brand dominates the rankings so that you can reach more potential customers (our unique strategy is a well-kept secret!). You can ask more about this service when you fill out the Contact Form.

On-Page Optimization

Once we tick Keyword Research and Google SEO on our list, we will then work on your On-Page Optimization. It involves creating natural Meta titles and descriptions that, along with keywords, will get potential clients to understand your brand better. It’s essential to optimize your page from within to impress leads and urge them to get to know you more.

We will also fix any accessibility issues and other SEO blunders we have found during our assessment of your website. Keeping your page pristine and error-free is the goal, so you can be confident that the site is 100% ready for visitors. Some tweaks here and there, particularly with on-site content, will get your website a full-rounded optimization strategy that works. 

Off-Page Optimization

To get reliable results, we also deliver Off-Page Optimization, which involves tried and tested promotion methods extending beyond web design so that your search rankings improve. Our Social Media Management is one such service that will help your brand secure a footing in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Our social media managers know how to engage the audience and reel them in, giving you the edge among competitors.

We can also incorporate Pay Per Click (PPC) Management in the campaigns we design because time and again, this step has helped many of our clients get the traffic that they want for their website. Like all of our services, our PPC campaigns boast the Paseo formula that delivers the best results benefitting your business. Want to learn more? Head over our contact page, and we’ll answer all your questions about PPC.

Content Creation

Here’s where we actually step up compared to other SEO-oriented companies out there: we offer Content Creation to go with all the different strategies on our arsenal. Once we determine the need for more content for your business, we’ll get our content creators to make relevant and engaging blogs, videos, or other media forms available. Only when you need it, of course!

Link Building

Link Building is a crucial factor in Google search rankings, which is why it’s also an indispensable step in our SEO campaign process. Part of establishing authority in your industry is getting high-quality backlinks. What are backlinks? These are links from another page that links back to your website. How important is it? It is a part of the top Google ranking factors, along with content and mobile-friendliness.

How does Paseo perform link building? Our digital marketing strategists work to ensure that you get the natural links, relevant anchor texts, brand mentions, and other tools that will establish your online presence and help you get the recognition you need for a website. We also use industry-related directories and social media as a platform for link building. With our expertise, your links are not only for the aesthetic but also value-added in every way.

Monthly SEO Reporting

Lastly, to guarantee that we are committed to elevating your SEO experience, we provide Monthly SEO Reporting with all the details about the efficacy of strategies and solutions we tailored for your business. As a campaign in progress, we present milestones whenever we reach targets that we’ve built with you. More than for pricing purposes, these reports ensure that we are on track with delivering the SEO competence that you need for your business. When we say we’ll give you the best, we mean it!

Paseo Consulting is the Right Choice

When you choose Paseo as your SEO partner, you can expect some BIG changes in your traffic and ranking, and you better believe that we’re building the road to your success. Within four to six months, you can definitely experience rather than just hear the results we keep talking about!
While we have no control over the regular updates on Google’s Algorithm that could delay rankings and other negative factors that can affect your strategies, we always stay proactive to mitigate any issues that arise. We believe that there is no SEO problem that we can’t handle. There’s always a solution!

Imagine this: you start to get double or triple the calls you usually receive, you see your customer base expand at amazing speeds, your revenues exceed your monthly targets, your profit balloons to an incredible amount… Now, don’t these things sound too good to be true?

With Paseo, we’ll connect imagination to reality because we’ll help you achieve ALL OF THESE GOALS fast! With our digital marketing expertise as the materials, your strategy as the masterplan, and our joint efforts to cementing the pathway, you can expect your business to grow in the way you want and more.

What are you waiting for? Discover what Paseo can do for you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

With millions of searches about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, people have become increasingly interested in this term and what it really is. SEO is the consolidated techniques, strategies, and methods that all work to put your website on the first page of searches related to your business. For instance, if you are a coffee shop in Tampa Bay and have the best SEO elements, your name should pop up at the top of the search results once the keyword “Coffee Shop Tampa Florida” is entered. There are three essential components in SEO: high-quality content, natural and relevant backlinks to your website, and keyword research and usage.

One of the most common questions we get from clients is, ‘How long will it take for my website to rank in Google?’. The real answer is that it depends from one case to another. However, having the right SEO techniques to build up trust, authority, and relevant links to the website can positively affect your Google ranking, which will also lead to more traffic and an increase in profit for your business.

Should you take a slice off your advertising budget to get the services of a digital marketing company? Yes, and let us tell you why: 75% of online users tend to stop at the first page of search results when looking for businesses relevant to their queries. Very seldom do they proceed to the next page, and the next, then the next… If you’re not anywhere at the top, chances are you won’t get hits for your website as well. Don’t let your page be buried by other competitors—with an SEO expert, you can surely sit comfortably on the first page and watch as your audience count grows.

What search engines do is “crawl” on your website to evaluate SEO and how it works for your page. For on-page optimization, search engine spiders look at the content, images, formatting, blogs, media, user experience, and loading speed to rate your website. Off-page SEO is another factor that considers promotion made outside your site, such as backlinks, social media accounts, blog or article guest posting, and other strategies. When on-page and off-page optimization techniques come together, Google and other search engines will recognize you as a top-ranking website in your niche.

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