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If you think maps are a thing of the past, you just might be surprised how your brand can use this “ancient” tool to your advantage. Advertising online can be expensive, but did you know there’s a tiny affordable corner off the Internet? Google Maps is the answer! When a user hunts for a service or product, seven other relevant businesses turn up on the map. Here’s how you can belong.

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The Map: What is it ?

Wherever you’re headed, it’s always a good idea to consult a map. It’s the same principle as Google Maps. However, since it’s in a digital format, there are naturally more intricacies and perks to be had. Google applies a special algorithm that turns up local businesses whenever a user searches for a product or service. For instance, when someone searches for ‘pizza’, Google determines their Internet Protocol (IP) address to pinpoint their location to ensure that the search results show pizza places available in proximity.

Internet marketing consultants at Paseo specialize in providing Google My Business SEO service that manages your local citation and leverages Google’s tools to put your name on the digital map. We’ll help you create the path that allows users to discover your business once they click that search button.

Our GMB SEO Service

When we say we’ll improve your Google local ranking, we’re not saying it just to impress you because we actually know what to do. Paseo has the expertise to manage your GMB listing and optimization, and here’s how:

Google My Business SEO Service

As with any SEO work, landing on the top of the Google local raking is the ultimate goal. Getting the local citation—your company name, number, and website link—is what we work for.

Solid Profile

A well-constructed profile is your building block to increase your rank. Managing GMB features is the leverage you need to get customers to notice you.

Customer Engagement

Google My Business Reviews help you snag the attention of a user, and it’s the first step to engaging with leads that could convert to actual customers.

Weekly Updates

Texts, images, and other content formats—we’ll create whatever you need and update your profile regularly. We know the secret to build customer engagement and making it grow.

Review Responses

You must keep an active persona for your business online. Our internet marketing consultants will handle all replies to reviews, good or bad, to assure clients that you listen to what they say.

Local Rank Tracking

Our experts don’t just create; we also analyze and improve your Google My Business listing. We regularly track your ranking on the map and do the necessary actions to help you stay on the first page of searches every time.

Local Citations

Whether you’ve changed your phone number or made some tweaks on your website link, we’ll keep all your listing information up-to-date on every directory your business belongs to.


We’ll provide detailed insights on your GMB performance and discuss what works and what needs to be enhanced so that you’re always ranked high.

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