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Cost-Effective PPC Marketing

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising, it’s not enough that you make an ad and call it a day. Paseo, as your AdWords strategist, can help you create, monitor, and manage your ads and drive the best results for your brand. Not only do we implement the best practices, but we also make sure that your custom PPC campaign gets you on the map.

Why Build a PPC strategy?


PPC is much like a billboard without the exorbitant fees—you only pay for each click. Plus, PPC visitors are more likely to buy than those who arrive at your site organically. Score!

Fast Results

While we’re building the SEO road for you, a matching PPC campaign can boost your short-term figures and get you fantastic results in as early as the first week.


For any strategy, tracking and analysis are priceless. As your dedicated PPC agency, we consistently monitor what ads work, and modify what doesn’t to keep them working.



A custom PPC campaign lets you be the boss without actually toiling for it. It’s pretty simple: just set the budget, and we’ll manage it for you. After years of studying what’s useful and not in pay-per-click, we know that banking on keyword phrases and a well-written Google AdWords is essential. Now, how can Paseo help you? We’ll make sure that our PPC advertising service is maximized to work in your favor, helping you choose the keyword phrase that makes the most out of your budget. We’ll discuss your strategy and get down to constructing it right away!

How PPC complements SEO

Paseo is an industry-leading digital marketing agency, which makes us pretty confident to offer you PPC and SEO solutions that are effective and flexible. Our PPC management services involve an agile strategy that makes your Google Adwords consistently perform what it’s supposed to do, and that’s to get you as many clicks as possible.

When SEO and PPC are implemented, you get both long-term and short-term solutions that pave the way for better brand recognition and engagement. With a PPC advertising service, you can drive traffic to your site while waiting for SEO to do its part and let your page catch up in organic searches. Together, these strategies can transform your online presence to its best.

Free SEO Analysis

Paseo’s Commitment to Customers

As a dedicated digital marketing agency, Paseo commits itself to build strategies and campaigns that are proactive and aggressive in reaching the outcome that satisfies you, our customer. We offer PPC management services that deliver reliable and measurable results so that you can see where your money goes. We are transparent in reporting ROI and campaign after-effects because we want you to know that it works in driving site traffic and converting leads to customers. It’s not magic, and it’s not science—it just takes years of knowledge that, as your AdWords strategist, we have picked up and practiced for years.

Looking to increase your client base and revenues with PPC? We’re ready to talk to strategy with you.

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